Jorge enjoys:

4K & HD Video Recording/Editing
Lighting & Grip

         Jorge likes to experiment, problem solve, and collaborate with new people. When asked what his favorite camera is, he'll probably say "Whatever's right for the story". To him, efficiency is key, as well as building a supportive community of hard-working and talented artists to get the job done right.

If you're interested in a collaboration,
Reach Out!

        In 2012, Jorge received a BFA in Cinematography at the School of VISUAL ARTS in New York City. That same year he produced and directed a 78-page script in Mexico City. The film (viewable here) earned him acclaim, garnering several awards at film festivals. Since then, Jorge still lives in New York, but often travels around the globe in search of new adventures, unique stories to capture, and bigger obstacles to overcome.

2015 Resume (.PDF)